Praise for the Events


Walter Van Riel, organizer, Inner Sunset Sundays
“At Inner Sunset Sundays (ISS), we come together to celebrate our common love for the neighborhood. Through these events we get to know each other on a first name basis and build strong friendships.”
Adam Greenfield, Chair, Inner Sunset Sundays
“Everybody deserves to live in a community and for this to happen people need a gathering space in the heart of their neighborhood. Through ISS these dreams become a reality.”


Mo Masterton, neighbor
“My husband and I just moved to the Sunset and we happened upon ISS. It was such a blast and made us feel like we had moved to the right place.”
Emma Smith, neighbor
“We’ve never missed an ISS. Our kids love all the unique activities for them, like the cardboard armor table, the giant tetherball, and the hands-on science from UCSF. We run into friends and spend the whole day just socializing.”

Performers and participants

Micky Powell, Director, Star Dance Studio
“As an Inner Sunset business for over 60 years, we thank you for inviting us to participate. ISS is a great event and even more special that it’s not just once a year.”
Sheri Evans, SF Rock Project
“The energy from the neighborhood makes it a blast to play ISS. We had everyone up and dancing and we play better when the audience goes crazy.”


Duke the Window Painter
“We had an excellent day at ISS. It was great to enjoy the sunshine, hear the music, and watch the kids play.”
Rich Moscardini, Branch Manager, SF Federal Credit Union
“Inner Sunset Sundays is a great way to get to know many other local businesses and organizations. Our staff had a great day interacting with so many different and diverse people. Thanks again for inviting us.”


Christine Gasparac, Community Relations, UCSF
“Sponsoring ISS has been great exposure for UCSF and a wonderful way to support a thriving community movement.”
Courtney Derby, BDO, SF Federal Credit Union
“We were really happy with our partnership with Inner Sunset Sundays and we would love to participate again this year.”