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10am-4pm, September 11th 2016

Our popular flea market attracts hundreds of people and is located close to the bustling 9th & Irving intersection. This event is open to neighbors and local vendors. Come sell your old gems!

Merchants: Join our Merchant Hop! More information.

Sell at the flea market for just $30

To sell at the flea market, follow these steps:

A. Read the Terms and Conditions (Click here)

1. A booth application does not mean automatic acceptance. We have to contact you back with a definite Yes before you are accepted.

2. Seller admissability. This event is open only to local sellers who live in, or relatively close to, the Inner Sunset.

3. Booth location. If your application is accepted, your booth location will be disclosed the week before the event. All booths are located on Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.

4. Paying your booth fee. We accept fees by check or Paypal (details included with your acceptance email). We must receive payments before the event. You may only set up your booth on the day if you have paid your fee. Booth fees are non-refundable, so if you don't show up we cannot refund your fee.

5. Safety. You are responsible for your own safety and that of the customers and products within your booth space. You are not allowed to have anything in your seller space that would present a danger to others. Anything that might be dangerous to unsupervised children must be kept under watch.

6. Cancellation due to bad weather. If the event is canceled or postponed due to bad weather, you will receive a refund.

7. Booth spaces are 10 x 10 ft. You must provide your own tables, chairs, and canopies - or rent them from us. No electricity will be provided.

8. Set up. Set up starts from 7am. You may drive up to your booth space but out of courtesy to others please move your vehicle as quickly as possible and before 9:30am for the event to start at 10am. The nearby farmers' market on 9th Avenue starts at 9am so be prepared for some early birds at the Flea Market.

9. Break down. Don’t start breaking down until 4pm.

B. Complete the Flea Market Application form (Click here)

C. IF you are accepted (wait for a confirmation from us), send us your booth payment by mail (check) or Paypal. Details will be included in your confirmation email.



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Volunteer at an event

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    • Event set up (6:30-11am)
    • Information booth staffer (10:45am-6pm)
    • Donations collector (11am-6pm)
    • Event break down (6-8pm approx)
    • Driving larger items (requires a larger vehicle - eg. truck or pickup
    • Fetching benches around the neighborhood before/after events

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ISS is organized by members of the Inner Sunset community, including neighbors and merchants. We're a grassroots team, usually between 5-7 people, that values not only producing great events but also enjoying working together. We love organizing these events! If you have attended an ISS before and want to be part of keeping them going, get in touch with us.

About the ISS team

  • No prior event organizing experience is required. All you need is to be a good at working in teams, a solid communicator, and a willingness to be an active member
  • We meet 5-10 times a year as a whole group
  • Meetings are informal and usually involve snacks and drinks and last 1-2 hours

Contact us on or 415-731-1139 (Adam) to find out more.