May 2010

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Back in 2010, a group of local neighbors decided that the Inner Sunset needed a big festive event to bring the community together. In just three months they organized the first ever Inner Sunset Street Fair, which took place on May 15th 2010 on Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues and on 10th Avenue between Irving and Lincoln.

The event featured a live music stage, booths from local organizations, free dance and exercise lessons, a raffle, and more.

The event was a big step forward for the Inner Sunset: The people were finally in the streets and local organizers learned a lot about community-building. Future events – the Inner Sunset Street Fair 2011 and the Inner Sunset Sundays events in 2012 and onward – would show a dramatic evolution in making these events more fun, appealing, participatory, and valuable for community-building.

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